Saturday, September 12, 2015

Getting Back to Blogging

     Between family fun, Food for Life Classes both at home on Cape Cod and for a couple months in Naples, Florida, The Green Nosh Group and Event Planning, this Nana has become a multi-tasking crazy lady. 
     I began blogging back in 2012 and that's just about it. I started and stopped. Too busy with other activities. I'm hoping to revive it a bit. I'm not like so many young folks who spend hours blogging, taking pictures, and adding recipes. I'll leave it up to the young. But I will post information and recipes that I feel are helpful to readers.
    There is so much info out in cyberspace on whole foods, plant based lifestyle. And I use the word, "lifestyle" rather than diet, because eating WFPB is a way of life. When you eat the foods known to prevent disease and heal from chronic illness, you don't have to worry about losing weight. The pounds you want to shed will melt away naturally. Then when you achieve your ideal weight, eating this way will help you maintain. How's that for a neat prescription?
     Be sure to check out my main website: There you will find recipes, a listing of ongoing Food for Life and private classes, and loads of resources to help you on your journey.
    Also, check out our new site for the first ever Plant Based Chef Challenge for Cape Cod, to be held the entire month of October, 2015.There you'll find info about the Event, the restaurants who have accepted the Challenge, and bios on chefs/owners (the latter a work in progress). 
    Folks who dine at these restaurants in October will have an opportunity to rate their experience on voting slips provided at the restaurant, as well as being able to comment on the Challenge website:

Taken during my Food for Life Series at Cape Cod Hospital in August, 2015.

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