Thursday, September 17, 2015

Movie Screening, "Plant-Pure Nation"

October 8, 2015
7 pm
Historic Cape Cinema, Dennis (off Rt. 6A)

This documentary is riveting! It shows the power lobbyists hold over our legislators. That stranglehold prevents the truth from reaching the public. This documentary shows exactly what happened to a bill that could have had life-saving potential for many folks throughout Kentucky. The truth has a way of manifesting. And it did in Plant-Pure Nation. 

Following the movie, Dr. Kumara Sidhartha of Emerald Physicians along with Dr. Mona Sigal, Emergency Room MD and Food for Life Instructor, will hold a special Q&A.

I hope to see many of my friends and fellow Cape Codders fill the theatre on October 8th. We have an opportunity to transform the Cape, and spread the evidenced based data that certain foods not only prevent disease, but enhance survival for many living with chronic illness. We have an opportunity to join our voices in letting schools, businesses, and restaurants know that we want healthy food choices included in those environments. Our plant based family is growing by leaps and bounds. We want plant based protein sources available where food is served. We want to see non-dairy sources included.

Medical experts agree that this generation of children will not achieve the longevity of their parents. Why? Just take a look at the fast food children are consuming. Loads of processed foods, saturated fat, oils, sugar, and salt. Their precious little bodies are being bombarded with nutrient devoid substances.  I say 'substances' because I just can't call what many are eating - 'food'.

A few days ago I walked through a local educational cafeteria. No names mentioned at this point. I was aghast. I saw nothing that could be considered healthy. But there were plenty of burgers and fries and, if you can believe it, bologna and cheese sandwiches. That was a shocker.

The good news is we can join together to make positive changes - for ourselves, our children, and the sustainability of our planet. See you on Oct. 8th!
On November 15th 2011, Doctors T. Colin Campbell and Caldwell Esselstyn presented their research on the benefits of plant based nutrition to the Kentucky State legislature. Its house members were enthusiastic. Kentucky has one of the highest levels of childhood obesity in the nation, and also suffers from high rates of heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes. Soon after Campbell’s and Esselstyn’s presentation, Rep. Tom Riner introduced a bill to establish a pilot program that would document the health benefits of a plant-based diet. But once the bill went into committee, industry lobbyists launched one of the most intensive lobby efforts ever in Kentucky. Rep. Riner, the bill’s sponsor noted that the bill was watered down to “a shadow of its former self”, turned “from steel to Reynolds Wrap.”
A top-down approach that recognized the powerful healing effects of plant-based nutrition had failed ­ again. But Nelson Campbell suspected there was another way to prove the merits of this idea. After the setback in Kentucky, he resolved to put his hunch to the test in his own North Carolina hometown of Mebane (population 11,562). He also took a documentary film crew with him.  Beyond Mebane, PlantPure Nation explores the topical issues of the small family farmer, food deserts, modern medicine, and the challenges of getting plant-based nutrition included in the political process.

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